Monday, May 31, 2010

Past two months ...

Life rolls on for Will down here in NC. The rest of the spring was filled with a visit from our folks in late April and a visit from Will's friend Melanie in early May. Of course Mother's Day marked Will's 1 year anniversary of his accident. Ty & I were down in Pinehurst exactly like we were last year and that was difficult for me. Life is still an adjustment in many ways. Even though it has been a little over a year from his accident, it still hasn't been a year since Will left Shepherd and entered back into "the real world." I am proud to say that Will has mastered many things since leaving Shepherd, including driving and travelling on an airplane independently. (I think he has flown back home more than I have this past year!) Now if he will only learn to like tomatoes .... still working on that :) Will is also going to have to adapt to another new role and way of life in early December as he is going to be an uncle :) Ty & I are excited to be expecting our first child! Since I am surrounded by testosterone in this house I am convinced it has to be a girl to help "balance" things around here :) But we won't know until December. Will was home for about 10 days in mid-May for a golf fundraiser that his buddy's dad organized. I think Will had a really great time with all of his friends and was thankful for all the support and funds that were raised. He is still in the process of trying to get a lift installed into the bed of his pick-up truck so that he doesn't have to constantly break-down and put together his chair every time he gets in and out. This will help prevent overuse injuries of his shoulders that are common in paraplegics. He continues to pursue the possibility of going back to school for a master's in nutrition or to get a license to become a registered dietitian. He has started to participate in a research study at UNC and continues to go to acupuncture and rehab 1-3 days a week. This week he will be having eye surgery. He will have Lasik in the right eye and another procedure in the left eye to get rid of a large corneal scar from the accident. The scarring has caused his vision to be somewhat impaired and is bothersome for him. So hopefully both procedures will work well for him and he can kiss his contacts good-bye! We are all also looking forward to a trip back home for July 4th!

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