Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday August 3rd 2009

All is well here in NC. Will is doing well down in Pinehurst with Ty's folks. He will move in with us on Saturday. Ty & I close on the new house this Wednesday, and my folks will fly down Friday for a week. Last week Will spent almost 3 hours at Carolina Seating and Mobility. They are his vendor for his chair and bathroom equipment. We were very pleased with their service and they are working with Will to try and get him some new brakes and wheels. His brakes are very difficult to operate and he ordered different wheels, but never received them. So all that is in the works. Will also had an appointment with his new primary care physician. Not sure if he is totally happy with him, and he may end up switching to another doc. Will starts outpatient rehab at Wake Med one week from today. While our folks are visiting, he will practice using the public transportation system down here, so he can go to and from rehab independently. There is a door to door service that is provided down here and we are hoping it will all work out without any glitches. I started back at Duke today. It is so wonderful to work with folks are so genuine and empathetic. Especially since I had not been employed there very long before Will's accident. I am very excited to learn my new role as a lung transplant coordinator. I posted a few pics below of Will in the pool at Shepherd and at his "graduation". I also posted a pic of my in-laws 2 dogs (Brady & Bogey) sitting alongside our dog (Annie). Will has had a lot of fun with the 2 little ones :)

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