Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday August 25th

Today Will went to his first NC Spinal Cord Injury Association support group meeting. He reports that there were about 8 people there, different ages and conditions. They are planning on going out to dinner next week. He also got a peek at a few of other people's modified cars. Otherwise, Will is keeping busy with a lot of phone calls and paperwork. He is trying and learning to navigate the very confusing policies that come along with being disabled ie (long term disability, social security, all the stuff you thought you would never have to think about.) He is looking forward to getting a special bed that will help with pressure relief to ensure he does not get pressure ulcers. In his free time he enjoys harassing our dog (Annie) and cat (Simon). He recently informed me that when Simon lived with him ad his friend Dennis years ago, they shaved him. Awesome. No wonder Simon has issues!

New Address:

Will Archibald
1009 Longwillow Court
Morrisville, NC 27560
Sunday August 23rd, 2009
Sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog. It's been a little hectic 'round these parts :) So where were we? Ty & I closed on our new home Wednesday, August 5th after I had started back at work. Will moved in that following Saturday and our folks were down for a week while he started rehab at Wake Med. He is doing really well and is pretty much independent. He goes to rehab 3 x a week. He gets there via a public transit wheelchair van which is not the most ideal since they have to operate on other people's schedules and it is never guaranteed that he will have a ride. But for now it works and Ty is usually able to pick him up at the end of the day. He has met a guy who is also a para, who has been giving him some advice about his chair and modifying his truck. Will is not totally comfortable in his chair and is still trying to work out some kinks with his vendor. We are still waiting for the appropriate wheels and brakes to come in. Will has also increased the amount of medicine he takes for his spasms. He just started yesterday and already we can tell a difference. His tone was very rigid and was making it difficult for him to stretch and do therapy. So now his legs are more "jello-like." Will is looking forward to his buddy Brett coming to visit. Brett is going to drive Will's truck down here next week. Other than that we are pecking away at getting unpacked and getting the house organized. I am still adjusting to now working 5 days a week and also continuing to train for Ironman Hawaii. Once I locate my camera I will upload some new pictures.

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