Tuesday, November 10, 2009

License to drive!

Today was a historical day for Will. He is now back to driving his truck! This is a great milestone, made possible by hand controls. We cannot thank folks enough for the donations he has received which made the vehicle modification possible.

Life continues to be an adjustment for Will. After returning from Hawaii, reality set in a bit more. I know how much Will appreciates his buddies and values talking to them all, much more than talking to a counselor. As my family and I had time right after the accident to grieve the loss of Will's ability to walk, I am not certain he has completely grieved. Many of you know that grief is an ongoing process. Will is working through his reality and continues to press on as best he knows how.

As of now, he is researching Spaulding Hospital's rehab program in Boston. He would like to get on the robotic treadmill machine known as the "Locomat" to see if that may help him in anyway. The Shepherd Center had multiple Locomat machines, but that was not included as part of his therapy since he did not have any lower extremity movement. He would have had to pay out of pocket if he had wanted to get on the machine and at the time we did not pursue that. He continues to do acupuncture twice a week, pool therapy once a week, and regular PT three times a week. He is looking at returning to the Cape in December around his birthday (12/18). He may stay up there for a bit if Spaulding works out, but much of that is up in the air as of now.

For now, it continues to be a step-by-step process, with the wonderful aspect that he can now drive himself anywhere he needs to be!

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  1. Great news Will, I may have some time off around that time so if you are up there I will come up!