Sunday, December 20, 2009

Late Fall/Early Winter Update

This past Friday, Dec. 18th, Will celebrated his 28th birthday and boarded a plane bound for Boston. He will be home on the Cape in Chatham for at least Christmas and New Year's and may stay for 2-3 months. He will be going up to Spaulding Rehab in Boston on 12/28 for an evaluation to enter their outpatient rehab program. It is still very much up in the air if he will "get in" and if he does, how long he will stay. He finished rehab down here at Wake Med and has regained very slight function in some leg muscles. If he concentrates really hard he can contract his quads a little bit. He still has significant muscle spasms which he can use to his advantage at times. Other times, they just "get in the way" and make transfers to/from his chair a bit challenging and time consuming. He has a new back rest on his chair which is more user friendly and lighter than his old back rest. He is still waiting for a standing frame to arrive. Once the order is complete is should be showing up on our doorstep down here in NC. The standing frame will allow him to "stand" which is very important for his bone health.

In other news, we subjected him to a turkey fry at our house with our friends which I think he enjoyed. It turns out our fryer is defective and my friend had to run home and get her parents' fryer and to make a long story short we didn't end up eating until about 9 pm. Still a good time though. It appears that Will left just in time and has arrived on the Cape with about 1 foot of snow! Dad built a ramp for him that had to be shoveled off this morning...sounds like he may need some snow tires on his chair!

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