Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too soon ...

It is extremely difficult to write this, not for loss of words, but only because a very special person who meant so much to so many people was taken from this earth much too soon. Will passed away around 5 am on Friday January 27th 2012. He had a PE (blood clot) that caused him to go into cardiac arrest. He was admitted to Duke on Thursday after having chest pain at home earlier that morning. I had left him that night at around 8:30 pm and he had been doing ok, but became unstable about 5 hours later and was transferred to the ICU. Ty and I sped into the hospital and were able to be present while they tried to save him. I want everyone to know how good he looked. Will was such a handsome guy (and had the best hair out of everyone in our family)! Even amongst the lifesaving measures and equipment he looked peaceful.

Our family is absolutely devastated. We also know his friends are grieving this great loss.

In lieu of flowers we are asking that people make a donation in Will's memory to the NTAF. The homepage is Here is the link to Will's page:

My parents are here in NC and we do not know when they will return to the Cape. We are talking about having a celebration of Will's life in early March up in Chatham. He will be cremated and we will sprinkle his ashes at one of the beaches in Chatham.

Will was an inspiration to us all. He will always be a hero to me. While he encountered many challenges in life, the most recent being his spinal cord injury, he persevered and went on to get involved in kayaking, sled hockey, and mono-skiing. He didn't let anything hold him back. He had an infectious smile and a kind heart.

Will Archibald, you are so very loved and will be sorely missed. We all have such special, comforting memories of our time together and will cherish those forever. We love you as far as the eyes can see when looking out over the ocean........


  1. Hi Emily,

    My name is Becky. I am a college classmate of Will's, but we became much better friends AFTER Endicott.

    Please know that I am so sorry for the loss of ^Will^, I am shocked and am taking it hearder than I would have imagined.

    My thoughts and prayers are with ^Will^, and all of us who care about him. Perhaps you'd care to read this entry of mine, which touches the tip of the iceberg regarding how I, too, am feeling?

    I'm here if there's anything I can do...
    ~ Becky Warren

  2. EM, looking at his pictures and all the stories you have shared with us really show he that he was truly "Larger than Life". I know the pain and shock and heartache you all are feeling right now. Please know, he is still "Larger than Life" and there will come the day you will see him again. We love you and are praying for you all. Tracie, Patrick and Savanna