Thursday, February 2, 2012

A celebration of Will's life will be held on Saturday, April 7th from 2-5 pm at the Chatham VFW on George Ryder Rd. in West Chatham, MA.

Below is a link to a video that was done by Will's fellow Endicott alum, Matt Forcier, after his accident. It is a true testament to the kind of person Will was....

Here is also a link to his obituary:

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  1. Dear Archibald Famliy, Betsey and David,
    I was so shocked and sad to read about Will's passing in the Cape Cod Times this morning. My heart goes out to you, and please know that our family is thinking about you all. What a terribly sad thing to happen after all that Will has overcome.
    David, we at Polhemus Savery DaSilva are thinking about you, too.
    I am so very sorry and wish you peace and that you are surrounded by love.
    Very sincerely,
    Marcia Morse