Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday May 15th 2009:

Hey Wilbur, Itchy, Stumpy, Will (whatever nickname you want to hear)... Mom, Dad, & I were with you today. You had a good night last night, your surgery went well, they fused your spine from T6-L2 (don't quote me on that though b/c I am tired) You got measured for a brace that you will have to wear. You have had fevers and continue to have a temperature and the secretions in your lungs have grown out some bacteria so you are now getting antibiotics. You are still on the ventilator but today you were weaned to a different "mode" You are now on "pressure support" which means the vent is not giving you any breaths- you are doing the breathing but just getting some extra "oomph" with your breaths. You were doing a good good while I was there this afternoon and your blood gas showed that your oxygen level was good. Your broken ribs and pulmonary contusions will make weaning from the vent hard. But I know you can do it. You woke up a bit and had a coughing spell and I had your wrist restraints off so I could do some range of motion with your arms & hands. You tried to get your hands to your breathing tube so I put your restraints back on and tried to soothe you. You are getting some tube feeds through a small tube in your mouth that goes down to your stomach. You will kill me but I had asked if you have pooped yet- very important question! (And you haven't pooped yet- so I hope you will soon...I will explain why that is so important later ;) We met with the coordinator from the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and got a lot of wonderful information. It sounds like the perfect fit for you- the average age of the patients is 30. Check out You could transfer there as early as the end of next week. I will go with you if & when this happens. Rick came to visit today, as did Joyce when she picked me up. You were still sedated today and I saw you open those beautiful eyes a few times but you didn't want to follow any commands for me. I hope you will tomorrow! Speaking of are getting multiple hourly eye drops and they have to be given 5 minutes apart and I think it drove the nurse crazy today :) Also...Mom trimmed your toenails and the nurse thanked me for bringing in your deodorant :) We love you very much and there are a TON of people sending thoughts & prayers..... see you tomorrow!

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