Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday May 17th 2009:

Will, your breathing tube is out! Yeah!!! I called the unit around 9:15 this morning and your nurse Mallary told me you were extubated. I said, "Shut up!" She says you are confused, but that you know that you are in the hospital. You may be confused for awhile, even a week or more. She also said the eye doctors were in the room with you this morning. We still don't know if you have had loss of vision. Mom, Dad, & I are running around here getting our stuff together so we can drive up and see you. I know I am very anxious to see you. Your hematocrit is stable today so you don't need any more blood. All good stuff! See you soon- we love you.


  1. Thats great news!!!

  2. Emily,
    I can only hope that my daughters grow up and have the same love and dedication for each other as you do for Will.

    Your cousin,
    Erik Von Colln