Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19th 2009:

Best day yet Will! You are are less confused today and I think you got some sleep last night. Mom & I talked to you on the phone early this morning and Mom, Dad, & I just got to the hospital about an hour ago. We are down in the lobby because physical and occupational therapy are evaluating you. We brought you Mom's 2 lb dumbbells and you were all about getting a workout in :) You voiced your concern to us about wasting muscle mass and you seem motivated and eager to get going to Atlanta to do rehab! Right now we are just waiting for the insurance stuff to get cleared and for your docs to give you the ok to leave. Your only acute medical issue is your clotting times. They may keep you at BMC until your blood is thin enough. You certainly do not need any more blood clots. If you have to stay, better safe than sorry and you will still get PT/OT while in the hospital. You still have sensation in your feet and you say you can move them, but no one has been witness to this. What is happening is your brain probably thinks you can move and you do have sensation down there. Even though you can't move now, these are all very hopeful signs! I think you are going to have lots of visitors today which I know will be great for you! If we are in Atlanta by this weekend, Ty will drive my car down and stay through Monday. We still can't believe this is all happening so quickly- and we are thrilled!

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