Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday May 18th 2009:

Hey Will, you are doing AWESOME! You are off oxygen, your drain in your back got pulled out today, AND you still have sensation in both your feet!! You say you want to move them too...all good stuff! You had some great visits today with friends...Pete Fox, Brett, Mikey P., Theresa, Katie Fitz. And you got some balloons from Jamie. I think you really enjoyed seeing your friends and I know they were really glad to see you. We all had some good laughs because you are still really confused. Hopefully you will clear up soon. Part of the problem is that you are sleep deprived and have been on very powerful medications. I know you are scared though and that you don't trust the doctors & nurses. Your nurse told me that you were yelling for me and that kinda ripped my heart out. It was VERY hard to leave you this afternoon, but I know you can be strong. You asked all your friends if they have seen the accident scene and I know you are wondering what happened because you don't remember any of it. Mom & Dad got the accident report today and I believe it says they think you were speeding...but you know what? That doesn't matter now. I told you today that we are going to just start over and take it day by day. You seemed to agree with me. I talked to you about going to Atlanta and you said you were ok with that. And you know what? We may leave as early as Thursday! CRAZY! Mom and I went over to the apartment tonight and stared packing some stuff for you. Mikey P. gave me a ride home and he told me about how he, Brett, & Tim have brainstormed about holding a fundraiser for you in June. Mike came in and talked to Mom & Dad about it and we think it's awesome your friends want to help out this way. What amazing friends you have. Tomorrow you are going to have lots of visitors!!! Mom, Dad, and I will be up in the morning to see you. We love you so very much and I hope you can sleep tonight.

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