Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday May 22nd 2009: First time out of bed!

Will had a GREAT day! He had a low key morning, but this afternoon was very busy with PT & OT, getting fit with his new brace, and meeting his neuropsychologist. His PT, Blair, got him up to his wheelchair with a sling lift. He was up for about 4 hours in the wheelchair and he is EXHAUSTED! He also got his schedule, so he will have an idea when all his therapy times are and whatever else he has to do. I have LOTS to write about but I am cutting it short since Ty (my hubby) is just arriving with my car/bike/stuff. Will try to write a longer post by the end of this weekend. Will has asked me to include some highlights....prepare yourself for some immature/bathroom humor......rectal exams... ;) All the lovely things that come with having a spinal cord injury......just another reason to be careful (wear your helmet, buckle your seat belt, all the things your mother told you to do!) Happy & Safe Memorial Day Weekend to y'all!

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  1. That is awesome... such a relief. Keep it up Will. You are in our thoughts.