Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday night May 17th 2009:

Will, exactly one week ago our world came crashing down. Like we have all been saying, life changed in a nanosecond. Today, however, we have been able to breathe a small sigh of relief. You have had an AMAZING day. You are off the vent, you are more awake (although still pretty confused), you can see, AND you can feel me touching your feet! That is huge!!! You say that the feeling you have in your feet is kind of like pins & needles with some burning sensations. You actually cracked me up a few times because your personality has come out with the confusion. It's pretty funny. You said you have no memory of crashing and you are still not sure what has happened to you. You did admit to being nervous and you said you weren't sure if you were ever going to see Mom, Dad, or I again. ( I think you think you are dying- so that is kinda scary. We reassured you that you are doing awesome and that we are here with you.) You told me when I left today to come back first thing in the morning. My friend Kristyn came to visit (more so for me more than you :) You recognized her and said "Thanks for coming." This morning you were a bit agitated for your nurse Mallary and apparently you ripped your cervical collar off and threw it across the room. It has been frustrating for you to be restrained, so while I have been there I take your restraints off and intercept your hands when I need to. You did get started on a Heparin drip today to thin out your blood, so I am thinking maybe tomorrow you will transition back on your Coumadin. You did ask what happened to you so we told you that your broke your back and injured your spinal cord and that you can't walk right now. Not sure if you understood. I told you that you could have died and that your helmet saved your life. I told you that Rick & Auntie have been to visit you. We told you that all your friends have been asking for you and that you may have Mike & Brett visit tomorrow. I cannot even convey to you how wonderful it was to talk with you today and see you more awake without the vent. We love you so so much. Dad showed you a picture of Kelsey and you smiled and said, "Doggie" - that's our Will :)

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  1. Will, it was so great to see you today. For all that you have been through, you looked great. Your Emi has been taking such good care of you. It was so good to see her smile today with all your wonderful progress. Keep up the great work. And try not to be "too difficult" with the nurses and doctors! :)