Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday May 15th 2009:

Will you had a stable night. Your nurse (Kathleen) told me last night around 10 pm that it was like you never even left to go to the OR. Your vitals were stable and she had thought maybe your respiratory status was a tad better. Mom, Dad, & I are getting ready to come up to the hospital. (Little side note of humor here- Dad is cursing at the downstairs toilet- it's clogged.) See you in a few hours buddy. Love, emi

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  1. Emi,

    We are all in shock. Thank you for writing so we can follow Will's progress and yours as well. You write beautifully! I love all the details (medical, where you are, everything), and especially how you are writing to Will himself.

    I'm glad Will came through yesterday's surgery so well! Please give him some hugs and kisses for us when you have a chance. I hope your meetings today go well also.

    We're thinking of you from here in NH. I think Mom sent your mom info about how to get in to the Condo so you can stay there. We're all with you in spirit and wish we could do more. Ask if anything comes to mind that we can help with.

    Love to you all!!!
    Katie et al. (as my Grandpa Schmitt would have said)