Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday July 10th 2009: Emi's First Arby's experience

Exciting Friday night down here ;) Will & I had dinner at Arby's. He is OBSESSED with Arby's and I have never eaten there. He insisted we go. He also has been craving Mountain Dew for the past 2 days and was insistent we stop and get some so he could have it with his Arby's dinner. I refused to go out of my way for a stinkin' soda (he has already been eating enough crap since his accident). Well he had the last laugh because wouldn't you know it but Arby's has Mountain Dew. Then he proceeded to tell the cashier how much he loves Arby's and how we are from Massachusetts and how I have never eaten it before....I think he needs his brain checked again! :)

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