Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday July 15th 2009: Are we on an episode of Cops?

Last night there was some drama unfolding in the apartment next to ours. As we were going to to bed, a loud ruckus started up on the other side of our bedroom wall. All we heard was a lot of yelling and door slamming. Awesome. I thought about calling security and then our a/c fan kicked on and drowned out the noise. We were able to fall asleep sometime around midnight. We found out this evening that 2 of our other neighbors called security and the police were called to deal with the drama. Apparently it was a patient's adult child (it's unclear what sex this person is) who was all up in arms because his/her girlfriend was going to jail and his/her mom would not drive him to the jail and his/her girlfriend had given his/her parents money....blah blah blah! Give me a break!

Anyways, Will did the airport outing today and I did my 60 mile ride. I felt pretty depleted at the end so I went right into the bike store where I had parked and proceeded to purchase one of those large obnoxious energy drinks in a can. Bad decision. The drink plus all the GU's I ate added up to A LOT of caffeine and I was off the wall this evening. Fatigue & over -caffeination is not a great feeling. Will has laughed at me all night- nothing new there! We are looking forward to some sound sleep tonight!

Here are some pics of my bike "Black Betty." She got really dirty today so I ended up taking a shower with her. Cervelo, who is a kick ass bike manufacturer, also partners with a company known as Marvel, to help them make awesome wheelchairs. Will's mentor, Pete, was given a Marvel chair to trial and it is amazing. Really sweet suspension system. Just a fun fact for ya!

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