Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday July 12th 2009: Atlanta Zoo

It's pretty amazing that just over 2 months ago Will was in critical condition and today we played tourist and went to the zoo. It's also amazing how clueless some of the general public can be. There are a lot of people walking around in their own little worlds with no awareness of who or what is going on around them. Will didn't bowl anyone over, but he could have come close to running some folks over. Even though we knew we were in the US, it felt like we were in Africa today. Both of us worked up a pretty good sweat. The zoo had many uneven surfaces and many steep inclines that Will had to navigate. It was quite the workout. Trying to get to bed early tonight so we can both start the week off right. Our flights are booked for Kona and I need to really hammer down and get strict with myself about Ironman training.

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