Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday July 14th 2009: Bastille Day

Yay for French independence! Today is Bastille Day and also my birthday (29 years old if you must know). Will had a usual day of therapy and then we went out for sushi. He wore jeans and a collared shirt for the first time since his accident, so that was a nice change. The Shepherd attire is always gym clothes. The folks were great at the restaurant and were very accommodating. Even though their patio was not "open", they set up a table for us outside since it was a little bit easier to navigate than going inside. Tomorrow Will is going on the airport outing he missed while he was sick with a UTI. Since I already went on the outing, I am not going and will try and get a 60 mile bike ride done. Even though it's only Tuesday we are both very tired. We were up again at 3 am for an IC. Looking forward to the weekend!!

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  1. Dear Will and Emily - Its really wonderful to read of the progress you both are making - I'm pulling for you in your accomplishments - whether it be a collared shirt or a 60 mile bike ride - reading your comments on a day to day basis makes one think and I thank you for that. My best to both of you - you are all in my prayers and thoughts. Stay strong...
    Kristen Farrar