Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday July 24th 2009: Thank you Shepherd!

Love ya, mean it.....but we are outta here! Will and I are hitting the road in about 1 hour (around 1pm) and will drive about 6 hours to Pinehurst, NC where Will is going to stay until we close on our new home (hopefully August 5th). He started off the morning by moving almost all of his toes on his right foot! So cool to see! I am super excited to be heading home. Will is not as excited, understandably, since this a new environment and life he will be introduced to. Keep sending him encouraging thoughts please!

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  1. Hi Will and Emily - WOW!!! Movement in the toes - what wonderful news!! The best of luck in your new home, Emily - also great news. Will, you take care and keep moving those toes...I look at your blog each and every day, though I may not comment each day, I still am keeping tabs on your progress. And what progress it is!! We are all rooting for you, and keeping you in our prayers - it's what we can do for you on a daily basis. Please know that you are loved from afar - God Bless!!
    Kristen Farrar