Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27th 2009: Pinehurst, NC

Will & I survived the car trip from GA to NC. We made really good time; less than 6 hours! He is settled in with Tom & Joyce (my in-laws). He will stay with them until about August 8th when we are hoping to move into our new home. This past Saturday night he was able to move his toes AND calf muscle on his R leg! He was also able to barely move his left toes. We were all very excited about this! Hopefully today he will talk to the folks at WakeMed Hospital which is who he will do his outpatient therapy with. This Wednesday he is going to his wheelchair vendor in Apex, NC to get his new wheels and also look into getting a different set of brakes. He has scissor brakes and they are very difficult to lock and access. We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of his raised toilet seat. Since arriving in NC he has been without it and it makes his bowel program even more of a nightmare. We were able to buy a toilet seat cushion to help take away some of the discomfort from his sitting on the hard toilet seat, but he still has a hard time without the special cutout raised seat. I am back and forth between Raleigh and Pinehurst this week. Ty & I are trying like hell to get the house packed up by closing on Aug. 5th.

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  1. Good Morning Will and Emily - still loving the news of toes and calf muscles on the move!! It's all positive progress...glad to hear you are moving onward and upward. Hard work does have it's rewards and I see you working so hard, the whole lot of you, that good things can't happen fast enough!! The prayers and good wishes certainly all help, but it's your dedication to the day to day grind of working out the issues that is most impressive. God Bless and be well.
    Kristen Farrar