Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday July 19th 2009: Last weekend at Shepherd

We are coming down to our last few days here at Shepherd! Friday, Ty & his mom drove down from NC for the weekend. Friday night we all went out for bison at Ted's Montana Grill. It was really yummy! Yesterday was our anniversary and we treated ourselves to a night at a very swanky hotel. My wonderful mother-in-law, Joyce, spent the night with Will while we were away. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our 1st year of marriage. Ty & Joyce packed up the car this afternoon with a lot of our stuff, including my bike, so we will be able to fit everything else in my car this Friday. One of the pictures I have posted here is Ty trying like hell to get a VERY annoying piece of metal that rolls around inside Will's push rim. Even though Ty is engineer extraordinaire, we had no luck in getting it out! The wheels Will has now are not the wheels he ordered, and he will get his new wheels once we are back in NC. So he has to put up with the annoying nose for another week or so. It appears that he also has another UTI brewing, which we are not very excited about :( His urine has a foul odor and is very cloudy. He is also very tired and his muscle spasms are worse. Hopefully with some extra hydration and cranberry juice it will not get any worse. First thing tomorrow he will see the nurse in day program. He also needs to get his medical records corrected. There is a lot of paperwork he needs to mail in so he can continue to get disability payments, and after getting his records on Friday, I read over them and found a few errors. I cannot urge people enough to be an advocate for yourself when it comes to the medical world. You should always have copies of your medical records and more importantly, take the time to read them and understand them! This is me getting up on my soapbox ;) So tomorrow hopefully we will get the records corrected.

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