Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday June 12th, 2009

As y'all can see, there's been a lot going on down here these past two days. Yesterday, Will & I played basketball with his PT & OT and a few other patients. It was therapeutic for all involved :) We played in the "quad rugby" chairs which are built so you can ram into each other full force...lots of fun :). After basketball, Will played ultimate frisbee which I missed out on. He said he liked frisbee much better than basketball. My husband, Ty, arrived last night which was wonderful, and my in-laws drove down from NC today. Will had a haircut today, courtesy of Ty, with no guard, so he looks pretty bald. You can see the big divot in the back of his head where his helmet must have dug in. There were a lot of laughs as Ty cut his hair :) This evening we all went out to dinner at a yummy Italian cafe...lots o' pasta all around! I will be going home to NC on Sunday for a few days. I am flying back on Wednesday, where I will actually meet Will & a a group from Shepherd at the airport. They offer an airport outing so we can "practice" when it will be time to fly commercially. Shepherd partners with Delta and we will all go through security and we will all practice getting on the plane and will go over how to manage yourself during a flight (as far as weight shifts, bladder care, etc.) Pretty awesome.

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