Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday June 29th, 2009: Back at it...

Well folks, not much has changed in Will's world. Today he rode an ATV with one of the therapeutic rec specialists and they were doing "doughnuts" and Will fell off. I was not there to witness the event, but when I met up with Will this afternoon, I immediately noticed his right arm & elbow was all scraped up and bloody. He was also covered in dirt & sand. You can imagine how thrilled I was to see that. He had a big grin on his face though and said he had a lot of fun. At least he was wearing a helmet. I'm not so sure he should have been riding, considering he just had a good knock to the head 2 months ago. But hey, I'm just the over concerned sister- right? Aside from this piece of news, yesterday, we went to the Braves vs. Red Sox game. Unfortunately the Sox lost, but we had a good time. We are both reasonably stressed about the upcoming discharge on Wednesday. It seems like a lot of last minute scrambling around to gather and order supplies and find out about insurance coverage. I had a 45 min. phone battle today with the insurance company. We are still trying to navigate the appeal process for the flight down to Atlanta. What I want to know is who the heck holds these people accountable!? They claim they have never received any of the documentation that we faxed to them and that we cannot file an appeal over the phone. Every person I talk to gives me a different story, and I have also gotten no where with the case manager. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to speak with a supervisor or manager. It's all a load of BS if you ask me. Look for new pictures tomorrow or Wednesday!

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