Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday June 16th, 2009: UTI

It's been a few days...Sunday I drove back up to NC with Ty & his folks. We made excellent time (about 5.5 hours). Unfortunately, while I have been gone, Will has gotten sick with a bad urinary tract infection. He was starting to feel like crap on Sunday, and yesterday he said he felt worse, and then this morning I didn't even talk to him, he just handed the phone to his nurse. He has had fevers, today's fever is 102, he is vomiting, and therefore won himself an IV, another Foley catheter, and an antibiotic. Damn it. This is a very common complication due to the fact he has to catheterize himself every 4 hours. Anytime you put a tube into the body, you run the risk of acquiring an infection. Wash your hands folks! I fly back to GA early tomorrow morning and will continue with the updates. It's been wonderful to be home, and these past 2 days have flown by. We are continuing to go forth with getting ready to put our home on the market, and we are hoping to list it next week.

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  1. Hello Emily,
    This is Marcia from Chatham back again. Your Mom has probably told you of our HS connection. Amazing!
    Anyway, I am sorry to hear about Will's UTI. You are right, they are so common. It will get better.
    You really inspire me with your dedication to being with Will through this time. Safe trip back and know many, many are "with" you in spirit.