Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday June 24th, 2009: T-minus 1 week

One week from today Will & I will be settled into the apartments at Shepherd! That means we are "on our own." It will be a good transition to home. In day program, Will will work on very specific goals that he will tailor along with his therapists. After the first week of day program, we will know exactly how long we will be there. The average length of stay for someone with his injury is 2 weeks. I left Atlanta yesterday and drove to NC so I could be home for a few days. Before I left, Will and his PT, Blair, were starting to discuss possible day program goals. One goal will be to become more independent with car transfers and breakdown/assembly of his chair and loading his chair into the car. That is one requirement he must meet so that he can drive again. This morning Will got the official report from his neuropsychologist in regards to the intensive testing he had to undergo. It was all very good news! He is cleared from the neuropsych standpoint for driving! Yay! His brain injury was moderate, but has not effected him that much at all. He is also really starting to show his physical strength. His transfers are improving, and he is out of his cervical collar (neck brace). His other brace will remain in place for probably 2 more weeks. He has demonstrated some awesome skills in PT. I posted a video of himself learning how to fall out of the chair and get back in it. I also have an awesome video of him practicing how to "upright" himself." As you can also see from one of the pictures, his primary nurse, Marcia, is sporting one of the "Will" shirts! Awesome. This weekend, I will drive back to GA with Ty on Saturday, and then the 3 of us are headed to a Sox-Braves game on Sunday! Looking forward to that. I am also working on posting a link to the fundraising website that I am in the process of setting up. More to come!


  1. Wow! That Primary Nurse looks really cool!

  2. That primary nurse doesn't look as cool as the shirt she is wearing. Wonder how she is holding these days?