Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday June 10th, 2009

Will continues to make progress. I was unable to be with him during therapy today because I had to attend an all day family training lecture. This was a bit tedious for me because it was nursing school all over again! It was nice however, to be with other family members who were sharing some of the same feelings and concerns. I still have not gotten to a peer support group yet. They do not meet as often as you would think- only once a month. After class, I was able to meet up with Will and he told me all about his day. He also had an educational class regarding skin care today. He, and his roommate Jeff, went on to tell me how gross the class was because they kept showing pictures of different pressure wounds. I tried to explain to them that I have seen A LOT of wounds. Will did not want to believe that I have cared for patients with pressure wounds that go all the way down to exposed bone. I think it hit home to Will how important it is to do his weight shifts while in the chair. I have to say that he has been religious about doing them, which is awesome. This afternoon he was able to get to the weight room and get checked off to use some the equipment. So now he and I can go to the gym together. He also got to use the FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) bike. He has been obsessing about getting on this bike! Here is an article about it: I can soon get checked off to hook him up to it so he can use it when he has free time. I am looking forward to having my husband come down tomorrow, and also my in-laws who will drive down Friday. I am headed back to NC for a few days with them on Sunday which will be awesome! The last time I was at home was the day Will crashed. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed!

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  1. Hello Emily,
    In 1975 I was in the same shoes you are, after my brother, 19 yrs old, crashed his dirt bike and became paralyzed from T12 down. I live in Chatham, too and if you would ever like to talk you can reach me at 508-945-4500 or 774-722-2018(Daytime). The memories of those days live with me still. My heart goes out to all of you and please know that Will is in the best place he could be. They have helped many I know there. My brother is 53 today and went on to become very well-known in the field of wheelchair sports and still today coaches some of the world's top athletes. He is the father of two beautiful boys and astounds us all with his courage. I send you wishes for peace and time to replenish your is the best thing you will do for Will.
    Marcia M.