Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8th, 2009: Car Transfers & Therapeutic Rec Outing

Will worked on car transfers today. He moaned and groaned his way through it; blaming me because the car was so hot and I didn't put the windows down. If Will didn't moan and groan than I would know something was wrong. Those of you that know Will very well can back me up on the fact that he likes to complain ;) And trust me he finds A LOT to complain about down here. "Oh my ribs" "Oh I have a wedgie" "Oh I'm so thirsty" "Oh I'm so tired" "I'm hot" "I''m cold" The list goes on and on :) This evening we went on a therapeutic rec outing to have dinner. They loaded all of us up, about 6 patients and 3 family members, and hauled us off in their "special van" to go have dinner. I felt like I was going to jail or to the slaughterhouse :) This van is equipped so all they have to do is put the patients on the lift and then wheel them inside and lock their chairs down with all these straps. If you closed your eyes, the clinking sounds of the chains made you think you were in the movie Shawshank Redemption! We did have a good time though, and Will even took the initiative to transfer himself out of the wheelchair so he could sit in the booth! Tomorrow Will has 3 hours of neuropsych testing which I know he is not looking forward to. I hope he will try his best and not give up during the testing so his neuropsychologist can get a fair baseline test. Lots to complain about tomorrow!

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