Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday June 21st, 2009: Coke & Aquarium

Today was quite the outing. We all went to the World of Coca-Cola and then to the Georgia Aquarium. We had a blast at the World of Coke! They have one large tasting room, where you can sample all the different Coke products from around the globe. "Smart Apple" from China was the favorite, and "Beverly" from Italy was the most disgusting. "Bibo" from South Africa was pretty good too. There were over 60 drinks to try. It was awesome. We were all feeling very full after we were through and there was A LOT of belching going on! I have a funny video clip of the boys sampling "Beverly." And of course, we all left with free glass bottles of Coke. Then it was on to the aquarium. Since it was Sunday, everyone and their mom was there. It was kind of a mad house, but I think we did pretty well navigating through the crowds. We got to see a lot of cool fish, sharks, and whales. We even got to see the Beluga whales trying to mate (just like humans do- it was quite entertaining!) On our way back to Shepherd, we drove by the CNN Center, where there was a large Iranian protest going on. It was controlled, but a bit nerve wracking to drive through. Never a dull moment.

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